Porongurup activities

The Porongurups are a mecca for nature enthusiasts. Not only do we have the Porongurup Ranges National Park but also the nearby Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve, where you can learn about our 85 bird species, over 1,000 types of wildflowers and 400 types of visible fungi.

Explore the nearby Stirling Ranges, which, despite their close proximity, are vastly different to the Porongurups because of their significantly lower rainfall. See Bluff Knoll and a working Dutch windmill.


Nature lovers should also tour the internationally renowned Banksia Farm and information centre.

Enjoy award-winning food and wineries … and marvel at award-winning craftsmen.

Visit St Werberg’s Chapel nearby at Mount Barker.

If you feel like a change, enjoy a day trip Albany and the numerous spectacular south coast beaches for whale watching, wreck diving and beach activities.


There are three stunning galleries nearby – Gallery at Dukes Vineyard, Manyap Peak Gallery and Lothlorien wrought iron and jarrah studio (visits by appointment).

Porongurup Tourist Map